5 December 2022


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Piolo Pascual and Crizal® get into life’s moments

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Piolo Pascual for Crizal

Piolo Pascual for Crizal by EssilorWhat if, in the middle of your routine eye check-up, you ended up face-to-face with Philippine leading man Piolo Pascual?

I would be speechless and I may even forget to breathe for a few seconds there.  And then at some point I may just go all fangirl on him and hug him (to get a feel of those beautiful abs :P) and then ask for a selfie, hopefully with his arms around me. 😀

But that’s me.  What would be your reaction?  Watch the video below and share the surprised reactions of patients during a vision screening set up by Essilor’s flagship brand Crizal®.

The new video is part of the brand’s campaign to encourage patients and customers alike to stay present in every experience of your life – or, better yet, to create your own precious moments with the clear vision that only Crizal® can provide!

So many people nowadays suffer from poor eyesight which means that many have need for glasses.  Instead of getting ordinary lenses opt to spend a little more and get clearer vision with Crizal® lenses.

crizal logoCrizal® lenses are available at leading optical shops and through eye care professionals nationwide. For more information, visit Essilor’s website at www.essilor.com.ph.

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