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One Fab Pooch, A Review

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Even our furbabies need pampering at One Fab Pooch
My Fab Princess

My Fab Princess

Anyone who follows my personal account would know that when it comes to pictures I post I usually only have 3 subjects:  food, my grandchild Star, and my furbaby Princess.  This post is about the latter.

Princess is one pampered pooch.

Princess, Lhasa Apso
Princess, Lhasa Apso

She drinks pet milk every morning and eats dog food at night.  She goes on walks almost every day either with me or my mom.

Princess is a 7-year-old Lhasa Apso.  The Lhasa Apso is often confused with the Shih Tzu as they look very similar. This is not unusual, really, as the Shih Tzu was supposedly bred from the mating of a Lhasa Apso and a Pekingese.

Because Princess is of the long-haired variety of dogs taking care of her hair can be challenging.  Part of our daily routine is brushing several times a day which both my mom and I do with her.  Because her hair tends to get tangled she often does not have the patience to sit through the entire process.

summer cut

During the summer we often have her hair cut really short (not shaved) so that she does not suffer from the heat and we don’t have to worry about brushing her so often.

This is important because in the summer she tends to jump into the tub filled with water to cool off and, that makes her daily grooming difficult.

Once a month I take her to the groomer for a bath, haircut, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.  3 out of those 4 I cannot do for her so I leave it to the professionals.  For many years I have gone to three pet grooming places (in the area) on rotation and in each one Princess would react adversely even before we went in.  I thought this weird because she loves bath time but chalked it up to an instinctive reaction.

One Fab Pooch

And then one day I saw this pet grooming salon at the corner of Scout Tobias and Gandia Streets in Quezon City.  I’ve passed it many times and didn’t stop because they don’t have parking and their frontage (which is on Scout Tobias) is a Mabuhay Lane so I really couldn’t park without risking getting towed.

One Fab Pooch QC Reception Area photo was taken from a Google Maps contribution

Today, though, I woke up and decided that I was going to bring Princess to One Fab Pooch.  I was just curious enough to try their service finally.

As we walked into the reception area, I noticed that Princess was calm.  This was a first.  I don’t know what it is but seeing her reaction put me at ease.  The reception area is roomy enough and everything is white.  I put Princess on that little ledge and she just sat down, weird.  I put her on the floor to explore, and she walked around and then just sat by my feet, doubly weird.  When one of the groomers came out to pick her up and to ask for my specifications she allowed him to carry her and even raised all four paws in that funny way and was just … chill, triple weird!  But I went with it and was happy.

Princess’s journey from fuzzy to fab!

I waited at McDonald’s down the street and their receptionist, Monica sent me updates via Viber.  Here is Princess’s fab experience.

nail trimmingTrimming her nails. It’s been three months since her last grooming so they’re pretty long.

Here they are trimming the fur on her feet.  Good thing, too, as she sometimes slips when she steps on her fur.

bath time

Time to take a bath! Princess loves taking baths.

Blowdrying time.  In the past, she HATED this part.  I think it is the sound she hates.  Most blowers are really loud.  Theirs seems to be fairly quiet.  Look at her cuddling her groomer, how sweet!

fully groomed

Look at her now, fully groomed … and with teal ribbons on her hair! Awwww, cuteness!  She is definitely One Fab Pooch!

3-minute massage time.  Look at her, so zen!


If you think the service is probably expensive, let me show you their rates. They are as follows.  Note:  all rates are in Philippine peso.

GroomingSimple Pamper Wash: Bathe + Dry + Tidy250350450550
Ultimate Pamper Wash: Bathe + Ear Clean + Nail Cut + Shaving Around Genital Area + Face And Paw Trim + 3-Minute Relaxation Massage350450550750
ExpressTeeth Cleaning (With Toothbrush)150
Ear Cleaning100
Nail Cut100
Nail Cut (Extra Short)180
Relaxation Massage (45 Minutes)280
Add-OnsCreative Styling280
Detangling (Regular)450
Detangling (Severe)650
Relaxation Massage (45 Minutes)220
Coat Enhancement280
Anal Sac Cleaning120
Tick And Flea Removal280
Daycare Services220

Personally, I found their rates reasonable but others may find it steep, especially if they recommend additional stuff like severe detangling if your furbaby’s fur is very matted. To sweeten the deal, though, they also offer discounts via the VIPooch card.



The VIPooch card gives us furparents (and fur-guardians) discounts on all goods and services purchased from One Fab Pooch.

  • 5% discounts are the standard
  • A 15% discount is given on our furbabies’ birth month

That is reasonable enough for me.  Note:  VIPooch number is hidden but it is right there in the lower left-hand corner.

before and after

Before, Princess already looked beautiful. After, even more so. <3<3<3 We are trying to grow her hair out.

One satisfied customer

One fab pooch satisfied customer
One satisfied customer

I am definitely one satisfied customer.  If Princess is happy then I am happy, too.  If I had to guess, part of the reason she liked it there is the air conditioning.  The reception area, for one, was cool and comfortable.  Another was the place didn’t smell of anything.  Most other pet groomers I have gone to have an antiseptic smell that Princess just hates.

And as we were leaving Monica says, “bye Ma’am, bye Princess, have a fabulous day!”

Satisfaction rating? 5 stars!!!

If I had one suggestion to make … maybe they should have a coffee shop right beside them exclusively for furparents (with power outlets and wifi) so that furparents can wait in comfort nearby and work (or not!) at the same time.

Next month, same time, same place. 🙂

One Fab Pooch

One Fab Pooch can be found in Davao, Cebu, and Metro Manila.  The Quezon City branch is located at the corner of Scout Tobias and Gandia Streets in Barangay Laging Handa, QC.

They do accept reservations but walk-ins are very welcome especially early in the day.

For more information about One Fab Pooch visit their Facebook and Instagram pages by clicking on the links.

For reservations and inquiries, you may also call (02) 275-9572 or on their cell at (0917)850-9572.

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