24 February 2024


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Meridian Telekoms

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meridian telekom
Sept. 2 – I finally get my account with Meridian (wireless broadband) activated. By 10 pm connection died.

Sept. 3 – logged in at 6:30 am connection was fine. It rained, connection disappeared. Intermittent all throughout the day. 10 pm connection died. Same story for succeeding days. Every day I call the Smart wifi hotline and nothing tangible is done.

Sept. 24 – Smart wifi sends a field team to fix the problem. Problem solved and internet access is incredible

Oct. 3 – Smart wifi disconnected my service for non-payment. This is just a few days from the email sent to me by Smart WIFI billing department giving me a 1-month extension as reparation for intermittent to nil internet connection

Oct. 7 – field team comes over to fix the problem. After almost an hour of fiddling, they got it fixed, but 15 minutes after they left, the connection died again.

Oct. 12 – after daily calls to the hotline they finally send the team back to replace the antenna. After the hardware was replaced they tried to fix the connection to no avail. They left my problem unresolved. They recommended that I be migrated to canopy, and that is what I stated in my request.

Oct. 18 – again, with the daily calls. They FINALLY send the team back. This time they migrated me to canopy. So far it seems to be working, but I will have to wait and see. I’m not confident yet so I am watching the bandwidth.

From the time I signed up to now, it has been hit and miss with my internet connection.  On most days it was only good enough to chat with, and not even continuously at that.  Sigh.  I’m hoping that I will finally get the service I paid for.

But I am hopeful because, so far, everyone else I have recommended the service to has had no problems with the service.  Just me.

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