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Magic Mike’s Last Dance, A Review

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When Magic Mike came out in 2012 I was quite eager to watch it (admittedly) because of Channing Tatum. I fell for his boyish charm and delicious body in Step Up and followed his acting career since. To date, there are three Magic Mike movies. The first one came out in 2012, the second in 2015, and the latest one came out this year in February 2023.

As with the previous movies, Magic Mike promises and delivers hot, sexy dancing with half-naked men on stage. What makes this installment unique for me is that it explores the romance between an older woman and a younger man. How hot is that? Also, even I have to admit that I thought casting Salma Hayek in the movie was hot!

Complex dance routines

Salma Hayek in From Dusk 'Til DawnDoes anyone else here remember her in the 1996 Quentin Tarantino film called From Dusk ‘Til Dawn where she played the role of the sexy snake dancer in the club? If you are curious about it, go ahead and click on the image on the left to bring you to the video clip of that scene.

The highlight for me in this movie is the uber-sexy private dance Channing gave Salma Hayek in the first few minutes of the movie. I don’t know how much acting Salma was doing there since she really looked like she was into it. In her shoes, I certainly would!  Yes, please! Let me touch Channing’s chest and abs, too!

First of all, it’s Channing Tatum giving the lap dance. Second, the dance is called Permission and you can see from the movement that he isn’t touching her or doing anything without her permission. Third, as they traverse the room I marveled at their athleticism and the sexy choreography.

The dance in the rain looked like it must have been difficult to choreograph and execute but Channing and (I think it was) Kylie Shea executed it flawlessly. The precision and the emotion you could see portrayed in the dance were just amazing to watch. The number is long but worth watching. I actually paused and had to rewind it just to watch it again. It was just that good!

Gif taken from the Sydney Morning Herald website
Gif taken from the Sydney Morning Herald website

Where’s the old cast?

Will the old cast still be there? Yes, but not to dance.  All they give us is a group video call. Instead, we get a new group of hotties put together for this male revue.

The new cast of Magic Mike

They are all excellent dancers but raw when compared to Channing. Some of their movements look outright lascivious instead of effortlessly sexy. Curious about this movie yet? Here’s the official trailer to give you a sneak peek.

Is it just me or is Channing looking better with age? I’ve heard him say in interviews how he goes through a very strict workout and eating regimen every time they have to shoot Magic Mike just to be sure his body is in the right shape. I’ve seen him “off-season” when he just lets it go so it is easy to believe him when he says that he starves himself for the shoots.

Boxers or briefs?

If I may add, Channing in boxer briefs is so damned hot. To be honest, I’ve always found regular briefs or those tiny little Speedos made me uncomfortable … like a guy would just pop out past the waistband if he got aroused. Boxers bothered me, too. I don’t think it is healthy to just let it “all hang out”, you know? It’s just one step away from commando. If the guy is well-endowed you’d have a snake going down his leg.

Boxer briefs are the perfect marriage of the two. Black boxer briefs are sexy as hell, especially on Chan.

Slipping back into Magic Mike

Acting-wise, the role is not very demanding for him, I think, and since it is the same role, slipping into it even after 8 years was probably easy. That being said, I thought this was definitely fun to watch.

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