12 July 2024


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Isolation Diaries #7: A New Beauty Regimen

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photo credit to Sergey Norkov

Quite a few friends raved about “suob” (steam inhalation). And for good reason– the practice does clear up air passages. Following their instructions, I had my daughter do that, and I did it too.

There is another benefit to this practice: clearing up your face’s pores. Here are the steps:

  1. boil some water (3-5 cups would suffice)
  2. note: it should be a rolling boil
  3. Add a dollop of Vicks and mix (you can smell its minty freshness)
  4. Set the pot on a stable sturdy surface
  5. Get a big towel or a blanket
  6. Remove your glasses (if any)
  7. Remove the pot’s cover
  8. Bend over the pot with the blanket/towel covering you and pot
  9. Inhale deeply and let the steam enter your nostrils to help relieve clogged nose
  10. Inhale deeply and let the steam enter your mouth for sore throat
  11. Do #8-11 for about 10 minutes
  12. Expect to sweat
  13. Once done, wash your face, preferably with a facial scrub
  14. Apply facial mask and keep it on for 15-20 minutes
  15. Remove the facial mask but do not wash off the facial mask residue

My results:

The throat is no longer a nuclear war, but there are still some skirmishes going on in there. My nose is clear. The face needs washing LOL.
Clearer nasal passage. Less sore throat. Clear pores. San ka an? LOL


A few hours after the beauty treatment, the skirmishes in my throat have escalated to civil war levels. The bombings have started again. I’m hoping the Difflam with quell it for tonight.

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