4 July 2022


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Get lost in Central Europe with Jessica Zafra

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Get lost in Central Europe with Jessica Zafra’s new travel book
twisted travels

twisted travels: rambles in central europeIn this age of navigation apps and Google maps, writer Jessica Zafra recommends getting lost as the best way to explore a foreign city.

In her new book, Twisted Travels: Rambles in Central Europe, she gets drunk in Prague, wanders through haunted castles in Cesky Krumlov, browses through bookstores in Budapest, and relives the complicated histories of Warsaw and Krakow.

Along the way she visits the Vienna Opera, loses her luggage in Rome, imagines an alternate life in Venice, and becomes embroiled in a Parisian petty crime drama.

Twisted Travels: Rambles in Central Europe is published by Visprint in cooperation with Discover Central Europe and the Embassies of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland in Manila. The book is now available at Fully Booked branches, shopee.ph, lazada.com.ph, and National Bookstores.

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