The Philippine art scene has just elevated itself a notch with the third run of the award-winning Ortigas Art Festival, which has expanded Filipinos’ art consciousness and masterfully brought art within the grasp of more people.

2019 Bronze Stevie Award RecipientsRecognized and awarded in the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards and International Business Awards 2019 for their continuous and innovative effort in making art more accessible to ordinary people, this year’s art festival, which is again held at Estancia at the Commons, promises guests even more to enjoy this year.

For one, international artists have joined the exhibit, which was specially curated by the highly talented and multi-awarded Renato Habulan, resident curator of Eskinita Gallery.

As an added plus, the festival is featuring bocetos through Papelismo Boceto for the first time, not only to highlight the artists’ creative process but also to allow more art enthusiasts the opportunity to own the works of renowned artists at more affordable rates. Over 300 bocetos from over 100 artists will be showcased at the exhibit.

Among the artists whose works are on exhibit are independent artists:

  • Amel Borja
  • Richard Buxani
  • Allison David
  • Sam Penaso

Joining them are:

  • Amel Agawin
  • Julio Austria
  • Jeho Bitancor
  • Gala Caki
  • Justo Cascante III
  • Michelle Dawson
  • Reynold de la Cruz
  • Feliciano Gallardo
  • Processo Gelladuga II
  • Katrinn Hamann
  • Sahid Kazi
  • Leonor RS Lim
  • Alfonso Medilfo
  • Dengcoy Miel
  • Rey Padernilla
  • Made Palguna
  • Manuel Rubio
  • Joel Soliven
  • Art Zamora
  • Jose Zulueta

Also on exhibit are works from three galleries, among them, Eskinita Art Gallery, Kaida Contemporary Gallery, and vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery.

“We have always believed that art should be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and the best way to promote art appreciation is by bringing art exhibits right where people converge, which are malls. Over the past three years that we’ve had the art festival at Estancia, we were -surprised to see the great and growing interest in art among Filipinos, both young and old. This is why we have continued with the art festival and added features which we think will be of added interest to more people,” said Arch. Renee Bacani, VP of Ortigas Malts.

Complementing the exhibit are workshops by local and international artists for those who are eager to develop their skills. Seven workshops have been lined up for learners of all skill levels.

  • On Feb 29, there will be a Mixed Media demonstration by international artists Gala Caki, Sahid Kazi, and Katrinn Haman.
  • On March 1, learn Multimedia from Michelle Dawson, Made Palguna, and Rey de la Cruz.

Get inspired by the sheer artistry and talent on show at the exhibit, which runs until March 8. ADMISSION IS FREE! And don’t forget to participate in the comment board by the entrance of the exhibit!

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