25 February 2024


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Four Enemies by Stephanie Brother

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Brittany is such an interesting character that I was happy to know she was going to be featured in Four Enemies by Stephanie Brother, the 3rd book of the Four After Dark series. First of all, she is in her 30s and not reed thin. Second, she is a highly sexual woman and knows how to get what she wants but practices very good self-control. Third, she is organized and knows how to get things done. Two out of three made her promotion as tour manager aka “babysitter” for Club Red on Tour logical.

Going on tour with four hot men should be a dream but these fellas don’t make it easy. Colin and Jordan seem to be determined to act like horny teenagers and take every opportunity to provoke her. Zane and Brittany had a fantastic one-night stand that Brittany would like to keep a secret, and Owen is just quiet and sullen. The tour starts innocently enough despite the childish pranks from Colin and Jordan. But one booking error at a hotel and a game of Never Have I Ever changed everything … for Brittany and for the men.

  • Brittany has never been with more than one man before but being with these men just felt right.
  • Colin, Jordan, Owen, and Zane have never shared before, but being with Brittany together did not feel awkward.

Then the morning comes and Brittany backpedals in her guilt.  Aaargh! That was so frustrating! It may seem weird but as I was reading I found it easier to relate to the men, specifically Owen or Zane, than to Brittany.  If I had to think about it, it is probably because I hate how wishy-washy she was with the men. I get it, though, she was afraid that she and they would lose their jobs.

Because this is an enemies-to-lovers story it is more angsty than the usual Stephanie Brother books I read. Nonetheless, it is still thrilling to read. I’m up for a cuddle or four.

Mark the date on your calendar!  April 25, Four Enemies by Stephanie Brother will be available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats, woohoo! As always it will be on Kindle Unlimited but you can already pre-order the ebook now for $2.99. The paperback copy will be $12.99. Don’t forget to read the bonus chapter on Stephanie’s website!

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