26 March 2023


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Concentrix pushes for women empowerment NOW

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Concentrix supports women empowerment and gender inclusion in the workplace.
concentrix women empowerment

concentrix women empowerment

Gender inclusiveness and women empowerment are areas of focus in the workplace. A growing number of women are assuming leadership positions in varying industries.

In the business process outsourcing or BPO space, Concentrix is at the forefront of empowering women for growth and leadership. Headquartered in the United States with operations around the world, the multinational company implemented a program called Concentrix NOW (Network of Women), an initiative that can serve as a model for other BPO firms and other businesses.

Through multi-dimensional development activities, including local events, speed mentoring and leadership courses, Concentrix NOW supports various programs that help women highlight their skills and move their careers forward. While the program focuses on providing support and inspiration for women, all staff are welcome to take advantage of the opportunities it provides.

Across the global network, Concentrix staff in the Philippines have taken the lead in executing this effort.

Jyllene Miller, Senior Vice President
Jyllene Miller, Senior Vice President

“Concentrix Philippines has done an incredible amount of work to help develop our initiative and was one of the first regions to adopt and embrace this movement in Concentrix,” said Jyllene Miller, senior vice president, marketing and client engagement strategy.

“We have a very high percentage of women here. This is one of our larger countries, and the momentum that has developed is fantastic.”

Concentrix NOW activities in the Philippines include gender equality symposiums, self-defense training, and personal finance management.

“We’ve taken a lot of the best practices of NOW from the Philippines and integrated them into the Americas, Europe, and India as well,” Jyllene said.

“We are able to continually identify what can be applied to the rest of the world thus creating a center of excellence and shared best practice process.”

When asked why it’s vital for a company like Concentrix to invest in something like NOW, and if there have been any material benefits to the company’s operations or even the bottom line, Jyllene said, “It’s important as a global organization to ensure that we continually foster a culture where everyone has a voice and equal opportunity. We’re proud of our overall diversity and inclusion initiatives, and we witness daily how they benefit our people, our business, and our clients.”

When employees are given a voice, they bring valuable insights forward with regards to how to serve clients and clients’ customer better, how to be a better business, and how to meet the needs of employees in different ways, all resulting in the rapid growth and development of the organization.

This shows how Concentrix provides a working environment that nurtures people for succession and next level of their careers.

“We’re seeing an exciting energy present in our employee engagement,” Jyllene said. “It helps us propel forward. Connections between staff members are made across the world. More and more communication occurs to everyone’s benefit!”

Ultimately, Concentrix NOW is all about a movement geared towards employee development while continuing to foster diversity and inclusion within Concentrix.

“As company, we are only as good as the people that are in it,” Jyllene said. “Developing people — their skills, their perspectives, and the ability to understand different cultures — and by helping our staff broaden their knowledge base and think differently to solve problems differently, that benefits everybody.”

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