23 February 2024


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Bachelor and the Geek by Sofia Aves

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If watching reality TV shows is one of your guilty pleasures then you will likely enjoy reading Bachelor and the Geek by Sofia Aves. The main characters are contestants in a reality TV show called Geekily Yours where the men are “The Beauties” and the women are “The Geeks”.

Sirius Weston is a retired military man with a business providing security to celebrities, rich folk, and politicians. With a name like Sirius, you can expect a lot of puns that play with his name. Joining the show/competition was not his choice. His brother, Mitch, submitted his entry and then blackmailed coerced him into pushing through with it when he got accepted with the promise of a possible national security contract if he makes it to the end. He is older than the other men in the competition so is often the recipient of the dad/grandpa jokes.

Annie Pillingston is an astrophysicist (you can’t geekier than that!) and spends her days looking at photos of outer space. She is also the daughter of a senator and does not fit into the mold her family wants to put her in. She ended up in this competition because of her boss. She isn’t involved with him so to be honest I’m not sure how he could have forced her to join.

As I was reading, the mechanics of the show was not clear to me. Are they supposed to create a love connection? The show begins with the men being paired with a permanent geek partner and the challenges they work through are not even done together. Meaning the men have challenges and the women have challenges and when they occur, their opposite is just the audience. There are no challenges that require them to work together and it appears that any connection made is organic. At the end of the show, 5 couples will remain and 1 couple will be declared a winner where they win a cash prize and the man gives the girl a ring that implies romance.

But let’s skip past that and focus on Sirius and Annie. Their first meeting was not what they expected! Tiny spoiler, Annie faceplants on Sirius’ crotch while trying to hide from him. What follows is us following their budding attraction and romance that is rife with funny moments and lots of heat!

I almost forgot to tell you about Sirius’ roommate who puts some glitter on this whole thing. Leon is a yummy-looking engineer but also a drag queen. How the production didn’t know that is still a mystery.

Bachelor and the Geek by Sofia Aves is fun to read! You should really check it out. It is available on Amazon for $2.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

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