9 February 2023


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Alpha Bully by Sam Crescent

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I started reading Alpha Bully by Sam Crescent because I was curious to see how Marshall, an Alpha wolf, who bullied Scarlett, a human, intended to win her over. After all, he bullied her terribly for the last 5 years.

Marshall was just one of many people who bullied Scarlett, mostly because of her body shape. She wore loose, baggy clothes and no matter how much dieting she did, she just couldn’t seem to lose weight. “Chunky girl” and “piggy” were just two of the horrible nicknames other students in her school called her.

Rather than fight, as usual, our bullying victim just suffered quietly and in tears. Pffft!

After Marshall discovers that Scarlett is his mate he suffers pangs of regret and worries that he won’t be able to win her over. After talking with his dad and his best friend Jack he decided to just do his best.

As the story progresses it is interesting to see how much effort he is really putting in to try to get Scarlett. What I didn’t quite comprehend was how quickly it seemed for her to start accepting him. She expressed her doubts internally, but she still let him get away with doing things like holding her hand and putting his arm around her shoulder … on day 2 of school!

In my culture that is moving too fast, but the setting is not here, so I can only assume that in the U.S. kids just move and accept that fast. Here, he would be lucky if she even made eye contact.

That aside, the story is actually enjoyable. So much so that I bought the next book when I discovered it was about his best friend Jack and his mate. Marshall’s being a werewolf is almost incidental for most of the story.

Alpha Bully by Sam Crescent is book 5 of the Alpha Shifter Collection. It is available on Amazon in Kindle format for $3.99.

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