23 June 2024


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A Night with a Vampire by Roanna Hinks

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If you are looking for a story with heat then you should check out A Night with a Vampire by Roanna Hinks on Dreame. It only has 40 chapters so it isn’t difficult to read. A word of warning, though, erotic scenes happen very early in the story.

Jax is a vampire. For many years he has been traveling with two vampires, Ward and Riley, and a werewolf, Vance. Together this foursome has been visiting clubs in many places and indulging their sexual appetites. He always keeps a part of himself aloof as he yearns for his mate who he has yet to find.

Renee is human. As is often the case in these romances, she was mistreated in her previous relationship. The moment she meets Jax sparks fly and she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him.

If you are on the lookout for a story that would qualify as porn then this is the novel for you. I think my eyes must’ve crossed more than a few times as I was reading this story. It barely goes a few pages before the main characters are at it again. I think it actually took me longer to read this book because I had to keep coming up for air often, lol!

It does take a step up, though, in that it isn’t just a fuckfest, there actually is a story to follow, phew! It just takes a long, hot, steamy route to get there. This story deals with sexual proclivities like voyeurism, light BDSM, and group sex. Since it is a vampire romance novel, you can also be sure that there is a lot of biting and nibbling involved.

For the writing itself, the story needs editing as there are some incorrect terminology and some redundant phrasing. Thankfully, it isn’t so bad that I couldn’t get passed it to enjoy the story. As I am posting this review A Night with a Vampire by Roanna Hinks on Dreame. I don’t know how much longer it will be so consider snapping it up soon!

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