25 September 2023


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Get your money back with Medicard Select

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An HMO like no other, Medicard Select offers a unique feature to its members.
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Disclaimer: Only the logo is original (of Medicard). The remaining elements were styled by me for aesthetic purposes only.

Do you spend a huge amount of money for health and medical coverage but feel like it’s not worth paying for because you seldom get sick or go for a check-up?  And yet getting rid of your HMO coverage is out of the question because, what if you get seriously sick?

MediCard, a leading HMO provider in the country, gives a breakthrough solution for you – MediCard Select.


The most flexible health care coverage

This product allows members of all ages to have flexible health care coverage for a minimal access and service fee and a fixed amount of fund. Also, with the new MediCard Select, members get the best value for their money because they can select for their coverage when needed – whether for maternity, pre-existing conditions, extreme sports, etc.

Dr. Nicky Montoya
Dr. Nicky Montoya President of Medicard Philippines

“We at MediCard do our best to bring quality healthcare services to Filipinos. The best part is, members of MediCard Select will get back their funds if unused,” says MediCard Vice President, Luis S. Montoya.

Get your money back!

Medicard Select introduces a breakthrough feature – a revolving fund where the cost of health services utilized is deducted from the amount paid.  This means that the balance becomes the revolving fund that members can use again upon replenishment OR … the balance can be returned to the members.

In a nutshell, if you don’t get sick or hospitalized then … you get your money back!

Health benefits for all ages

Medicard Select offers a suite of benefits that give members of all ages the coverage they need. Qualified individuals, families or SMEs will receive coverage for hospitalization, outpatient and preventive healthcare that includes an Annual Physical Exam and the following 8 blood chemistries – Fasting Blood Sugar, Total Cholesterol, Uric Acid, Creatinine, BUN, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, as well as emergency and dental care.


MediCard has more than 29 years of experience in providing quality health care across a range of individuals, families, and small and large corporations. It takes pride in its robust health care providers, which enables MediCard members to choose from its nationwide network of over 1,000 accredited hospitals and clinics backed by more than 40,000 accredited doctors.

Terms and conditions apply. For more information on MediCard Select, please call or email Randy Verde at 891-9629 or rv****@me***********.com, or Marie Joyce Reynoso at 884-9968 or mr******@me***********.com, or visit http://select.medicardphils.com/.

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