12 July 2024


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The Four Alpha Princes and the Omega by Raelyn Karson

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A couple of weeks ago I came across The Four Alpha Princes and the Omega by Raelyn Karson when I was looking for something to read in the young adult/teen category. The title seems to imply a reverse harem situation. The preview certainly seems to imply it (to this smutty brain) but I was curious how this story would spin.

The title mentions four Alpha princes … Braxton, Jace, Lex, and Sebastian. This simply means they are the sons of current Alphas. The omega is Izariah (sometimes called Iza) who is an omega. She is a werewolf but her wolf has not manifested yet.

Izariah hates bullies. Even though she is small and wolfless, she cannot help but defend victims of bullying, even if it means she gets hurt in the process. This is how she met the four princes … when Braxton was bullying a smaller guy who messed with the side mirror of his bike. When Braxton tried to make Izariah submit by using an Alpha command, he was shocked to discover that it had no effect on her. This led to his decision to make her life miserable.

37 chapters so far and at this point, Lex and Sebastian seem to be nothing more than bystanders to all the drama. Jace, on the other hand, became her self-assigned hero who rescued her from whatever misdeed Braxton (and his minions) cooked up. Things come to a head when a prank goes too far and Izariah almost dies, making Braxton realize his stupidity.

As you can tell from my narrative above, the title (so far) seems to be off and should probably be called “Braxton and Me”. To be honest, the story development is so very slow. I feel like I am getting a minute-by-minute update on their lives. Is this a tv series where we need to get inundated with all the minutiae? How long is this story going to play out?

While I think it is a good idea not to reveal too many things to the reader from the get-go, I also think that it should not take 20, 30, 40, or 50 chapters to do so. Sigh, it feels like a waste of money but I feel compelled to check every day to see if the story will move along or not. Fyi, it has … but it still moves at a turtle’s pace. At this point in the story, I would not recommend this book because of how slow it is, but it doesn’t mean it won’t redeem itself down the line. And just to be clear, I am not looking for heat, I’m just looking for a compelling/riveting story.

The Four Alpha Princes and the Omega by Raelyn Karson is available on Goodnovel.


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