10 June 2023


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The Class Project by Andrea Middleton

2 min read

The Class Project by Andrea Middleton is supposed to be an “enemies to lovers” high school romance. It is mislabeled.

First, the guy bullied the girl. They weren’t technically “enemies” since she avoided him like the plague and he just loved to ruin her day. To be enemies would imply they had something against each other.

Second, there was no romance at all. Yes, they are in high school, but all they really did in this story is work together on a partnered activity assigned in class and over time became friends.

That’s it … friends. There was no romantic spark. Her heart didn’t skip a beat at the sound of his name. His eyes didn’t follow her as she entered the room. The story ends with them acknowledging that they are friends.

The Class Project by Andrea Middleton used to be on Amazon but I don’t know if it is still there. Whatever amount I paid for it before was money wasted. I try to imagine that it was probably the first salvo for this author and I think publishing it on Amazon was quite daring. She should have gotten ARC readers first to review her book and with enough time to rewrite and come up with a better story.

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