23 June 2024


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The Alpha’s Guardian by Miri Googag

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When I first saw The Alpha’s Guardian by Miri Googag it was on the list of recommended books for bonus coins and I stopped because I was intrigued. Even though the Alpha is supposed to be the strongest wolf, I’m sure he still has guards but a guardian implies one or two people whose specific job is to guard him and only that … sort of like a personal bodyguard.

Which begs the question … why would any Alpha need such protection? This was the same thought that entered Alpha Wade’s head, apparently.

In comes our guardian, Ali (short for Aliauna) who encounters our Alpha when he is attacked by rogues. Ali is the best of the best amongst all the guardians, despite being an Omega, and therefore, wolfless. Alpha Wade is her last assignment before she will be able to find her fated mate.

Xena, Warrior Princess
Lucy Lawless as Xena, Warrior Princess

Ali’s description reminds me of Xena, Warrior Princess, but not as tall and imposing as Lucy Lawless. I confess, when it comes to warrior women, Xena is who I measure every single one to.

Ali is strong, commanding, and takes crap from no one, not even the Alpha she is sent to protect. Why she is sent to protect him is a mystery even to her but she does her job anyway.

Both Ali and Wade have very strong personalities and both have had to overcome so many trials in life to get to where they are now. As the story progresses we see Alpha Wade’s resistance to being guarded and Ali’s determination to do so. In the meantime, both of them are fighting their natural attraction to each other.

On the road to discovering answers to their questions plus protecting his pack, several key players come into play that wreak havoc with their emotions and their developing relationship.

The story gets better and better the further you get into it then slows down considerably toward the end. I don’t really mind this because I could only take so much action, lol! I am definitely putting this in my book recommendations

You can read and enjoy The Alpha’s Guardian by Miri Googag on GoodNovel. It is the first book of the Guardian series. I am hoping that this and her other books will soon be available on sites like Apple Books, Google Books, and Amazon.

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