23 June 2024


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The Alpha’s Freakshow by Miri Googag

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Loved this! At first glance, The Alpha’s Freakshow by Miri Googag may remind you of a Barnum and Bailey show. If you don’t know what that means, think of The Greatest Showman.

I think we can all agree that werewolves are common knowledge to most readers. Occasionally, we’ve encountered other shapeshifts like werebears and dragons. But how often do we read about shifters who are elephants, monkeys, tigers, or birds of prey? For the much bigger or much smaller shapeshifters, I don’t know how believable it is without factoring in magic since I think body mass is one controlling factor of how big or small a person would be once they shift.

So how would a regular-sized person shift to a regular-sized falcon, even one of the bigger size? Same with a monkey? To be fair when I read “monkey,” my mental picture said chimpanzee so I could be wrong. I was thinking of something bigger but the author did not say ape so it must be that. Magic!

Maggie was an ordinary teenage girl who, while out hiking with some friends, was bitten by a dying wolf that her friends were prodding with a stick. Little did she know that it would be the bite that would change her life and cause her suffering for many years.

Becoming the Alpha of his birth pack was not something Axel ever wanted. He was content with becoming his twin brother’s beta. But fate had other plans. On his birthday his eyes changed color which revealed him to be The Ultima. This prompted his brother to try to kill him. With the intervention of a close friend, he is not killed but instead grievously hurt (and close to death) and cast out instead. A werebear later rescued Axel and together they put together the Freakshow, finding other shifters, and putting on a show for humans.

SECRETS. That’s what this book revolves around. Maggie is hiding the fact that she is looking for the Ultima. Axel and everyone in the Freakshow hides the fact that Axel is the Ultima. And more secrets get revealed along the way. The biggest secret of all … how does the Ultima choose its victims every blue moon? Find out for yourself by reading The Alpha’s Freakshow by Miri Googag on Goodnovel.

All the secrets, to be honest, drove me nuts! It made for a good story, though. Waiting for Axel and Maggie to admit how they feel and just “embrace the love” was getting me antsy.

This is more than a love story, though.  There are many details I didn’t mention above to avoid spoilers but, take my word for it that this book has a lot of intrigues, exhausting action, and happy outcomes for many characters. I also like the fact that this story does not discriminate and allows characters of different types of species/shifter animals to fall in love with each other.

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