12 July 2024


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Never More Than Enemies by Veronica Adler

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The love lives of celebrities are always titillating news for fans everywhere. Never More Than Enemies by Veronica Adler is a story about two actors who fall in love. Madelaine was cast as the lead female character in the West End play written by her grandmother many years ago called Betrayal. Unbeknownst to her, the director was replaced at the last minute by her nemesis, Gabriel, who also plays opposite her in the play. Gabriel’s father was the director of Betrayal the first time it ran on the West End many years ago.

Madelaine and Jack, Gabriel’s younger brother, are best friends. Gabriel’s animosity towards Madelaine stems from the fact that he thinks she is a bad influence on him and is likely to put Jack’s life in danger. She can’t really blame him as she did have episodes with recreational drugs, alcohol, and driving fast cars in the past, and Jack just went along with everything.

This story is a slow burn. 25 chapters in and they are still fighting but we can see that it is partially because of their struggle in resisting each other. When they finally reluctantly acknowledge that they have feelings for each other, the next challenge is keeping it a secret from everyone else.

Their romance is titillating but if you are not a fan of the slow burn, this might frustrate you. I, for one, enjoyed it because I found it interesting that once they acknowledged how they felt for each other, they worked just as hard to defend and take care of each other secretly. Thankfully, the secret was not from their family and friends, only from the rest of the world.

If you want to check out Never More Than Enemies by Veronica Adler you can find it on Amazon for $3.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.


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