10 June 2023


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Keeping it simple with Citi Simplicity+ Card

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Citi Simplicity+ offers 10% back on interest charges for on-time payments, no annual fee, no late payment fees and no over limit fees.

Citi Philippines recently launched its newest credit card product, dubbed Citi Simplicity+, which is touted as an industry first for the country – offering no annual fee, no late payment fees, and no over limit fees, as well as 10% back on interest charges for on-time payments. The introduction of Citi Simplicity+ responds to the needs of consumers for a card that’s well-suited for busy lifestyles, by providing a remarkable customer experience that’s simple and convenient.

Aftad Ahmed, Citi Philippines CEO
Aftad Ahmed, Citi Philippines CEO

Citi Philippines CEO Aftab Ahmed said, “Citi Simplicity+ is an example of Citi’s commitment to putting our clients’ interests first while creating economic value.  With Simplicity+, we simplify the client experience and make it more convenient and beneficial for our clients to undertake everyday purchases and transactions.”

Other benefits available to Citi Simplicity+ cardholders include:

  • Citi PayLite for easy installment purchases,
  • Click for Cash for emergency cash loans,
  • Citi One Bill for hassle-free auto-debit payments, and
  • a world of special privileges on shopping, travel, and dining.

David Stoughton on digital bankingSays David Stoughton, head of Credit Payment Products at Citi Philippines: “With a growing urban population in the Philippines where people are living in a much more fast-paced environment, Citi Simplicity+ offers consumers peace of mind with its simplified terms and conditions, no annual fee, no late fees, and no over-limit fees. This is extremely convenient for people who are constantly on the go, managing multiple tasks and schedules. Through Citi Simplicity+, we are also showing our appreciation to those who pay on time by giving them 10% back on interest charges.”

The Citi Simplicity brand has been rolled out previously in the US, Australia, UAE, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

To apply for the Citi Simplicity+ Card, please visit https://www.citibank.com.ph/simplicity.

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