5 December 2023


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Haunt by Rachel H. Drake

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In all ghost stories I’ve ever read, it is said that ghosts don’t age but are frozen at the age they died at. Haunt by Rachel H. Drake says otherwise. I initially thought it would follow the same story arc as the movie Ghost starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. But this story is nothing like it at all unless you count the fact that William is a ghost.

Yes, it is a love story. Yes, The guy, William is not corporeal … but is he really a ghost? William has been Emily’s constant companion since she was 6 years old and was crying because of her father. He could only make his presence felt with cold breezes. Over time they develop simple communication to answer yes and no questions.

William never left her side and as time passed their relationship changed and matured and Emily started to fantasize about having a sexual relationship with her ghost. A glass dildo and a visit to a medium started the ball rolling in that direction.

There is a lot of sex between William and Emily in this book, especially once it is revealed that William is actually an incubus who was killed by an energy vampire. But since he found an anchor in Emily, he did not move on but instead grew up with her. When William died he was only 11 years old, making him 5 years older than Emily.

To make this story interesting there are critical moments, all of which have sex involved (of course!) as an important medium of energy transfer. One instance was a ritual to make William “real” and involved a stinky douchebag.

Things to note:

  • William’s dick is like a Stojo collapsing cup. It is ridged and gets wider the further you go down.
  • They started their communication with cold breezes so where cold showers kill the mood for most people, it just turned Emily on.
  • William’s family had the foresight to set up his estate so that when he came back he was nowhere near destitute and Emily would not have to work, ever! They could just spend their days having sex.
  • As an incubus and part-energy vampire, their relationship is perfect because they can just feed off each other.

Haunt by Rachel H. Drake is a sex-filled light reading with a guaranteed HEA and will be on Amazon soon.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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