25 February 2024


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Good Girl for the Bikers by Stephanie Brother

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I am in love with the Screaming Eagles! There must be something in the beer these guys are drinking because all the guys (so far) just seem so fantastic! In threes or fours, it doesn’t matter, bagging a Screaming Eagle sounds like heaven, and Crash, Preacher, and Devil are no exception. I realize this isn’t the norm for MCs but … oh my!

Good Girl for the Bikers by Stephanie Brother tells the story of Summer, a sheltered girl, the daughter of a pastor, and the Fallen Angels crew of the Screaming Eagles MC, namely Crash, Preacher, and Devil.

Summer and Crash are step-siblings but have not seen each other Since Crash (formerly Jacob) left the mansion they were living in when he was 16 to escape the beatings he received from his stepfather. Summer got left behind and was molded into being the timid, submissive girl, the epitome of good.

Many years later (to the present) Summer found Crash’s number and calls him to let him know that his mother has passed away. Like a boulder rolling off a cliff, this led to a series of events that prompted Summer to reach out to Crash once again and ask to be rescued … except it was Devil who picked up the call, not Crash.

Good Girl for the Bikers by Stephanie Brother does have a hurdle for Summer and Crash to overcome but this story doesn’t have too much external angst and that it gave us a chance to savor their growing relationship. Even knowing that she would eventually end up with all three of them, I was still excited to go through the journey.

A marvelous story, as always, Stephanie! As always, I look forward to your books. Will the rest of the Screaming Eagles, like Wraith, get into reverse harems, too? I can’t wait to find out!

If anyone out there wants to check out Good Girl for the Bikers by Stephanie Brother you can find it on Amazon for 2.99 and free with a Kindle Unlimited account. Don’t forget to check out the bonus chapter after you are done reading the book … exclusively on stephaniebrotherbooks.com.

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