25 February 2024


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Four Fantasies by Stephanie Brother

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Stephanie does it again! Flipping through the pages of Four Fantasies by Stephanie Brother I couldn’t help but wonder at how amazing this story is. It is tender and loving and relatable all at the same time. I can easily imagine myself as Lorraine having gone through something similar in life. All that is missing are four amazing men like Troy, Leo, Dante, and Darian.

Having men offer to fulfill our fantasies would be a dream come true if we are brave enough to accept it. Just the thought of it makes me swoon.

Troy, Leo, Dante, and Darian are dancers at the Club Red Revue but that fact is almost incidental as it serves two purposes in the story. 1) it establishes the link to book 1, and 2) it is where Lorraine first sets eyes and lusts after these four men when they fo their numbers onstage. After that majority of the story is at her home or on her dates.

The men are in their mid-twenties while Lorraine is 8 to 10 years older. The age gap bothers Lorraine at first but the men don’t seem to notice or it was never a factor to them at all. The only things she receives from her men are love and laughter. Such bliss!

You can find Four Fantasies by Stephanie Brother at Amazon for 2.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited. A paperback version is available as well for 12.99. After you finish reading this story check out the bonus chapter on Stephanie’s website. It is so sweet and rounds up the story beautifully.

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