23 September 2021


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Back to school in the summer!

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Benilde goes back to school for the third term of the school year

While everyone else is enjoying their summer vacation students, faculty, and staff that are with schools that have adjusted academic calendar (such as Benilde) are braving the summer heat and going to school.

Benilde’s second term officially ended for our students on April 24th.  For our faculty who were still submitting grades it ended on the 25th.  For our admin staff, it ended on the 27th.  In other words, no one really got to enjoy a break from school except those classes that were able to end the week before (Holy Week) or even before that.

What we are doing now?

Students are possibly:

  • Still enrolling for their classes
  • Adjusting their schedules
  • Paying their tuition
  • Attending classes
  • Savouring their few days of “vacation” by skipping the first week of classes


  • For those who have taught the subjects indicated in the load they just received, just updating their lessons and activities on BigSky (assuming they use BigSky, there are still more than a handful that resist)
  • For those who are new to the subject they are contacting subject heads and asking guidance on the course (syllabus, lesson plan, lectures, supplementary materials, activities, grading sheets, etc.)
  • Academic advisers are busy approving/disapproving schedules
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings … per subject, per track, for full-time, per department, with the associate dean and the dean, with the vice chancellor … it really depends, I guess, on the level of involvement in school
  • Part time faculty are juggling between their corporate or freelance gig and their teaching gig (or gigs)

Admin staff have not yet recovered from the demands of the last term and are possibly still playing catch up.  The work just never ends.

What do we wish we were doing?

There are many things we wish we doing other than going to school.


We would rather be lying down on one of these loungers in this pool, enjoying the cool water, and possibly holding a frozen margarita in one hand.  Just the thought of it makes me feel (a little) fresh already.


Walking along the beach and enjoying the beauty of nature by the sea.  With Boracay open for business again, it is a safe bet that many wish they were there now.


For some maybe the mountains is more their thing.  The hike, the adventure, the fresh mountain air, the view.


For those who could afford it, a trip to a different country is will whet their whistle!  Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, USA, Australia, Europe … near or far, it does not matter.  They just want to get far, far away.


And then there are those who just want to stay in, catch some movies, watch TV, and basically do anything they want, or nothing at all. 😀

Back to reality

At the end of the day, though, we need to face the truth, it is time to get back on that horse.  We are hot-wired to resume our responsibilities no matter what the weather, the time of the year, or our inclination.  It’s back to school, Benildean boys and girls, whether we are ready for it or not. 🙂

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