25 February 2024


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Alpha Wolf’s Fated Mate by Anika Skye

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Alpha Wolf’s Fated Mate by Anika Skye is better than the other story of hers that I’ve read but still leaves me wanting more. It feels incomplete and the characters’ backstories aren’t fleshed out. As I am reading I have more questions than answers. This writing style makes sense if this book is part of a series but it still means that a lot more thought should be put into the back story of each character rather than the hodgepodge of information this book gives us.

The attempt at a non-linear story that gives Dimitri’s POV is a good attack but was clumsily executed. Even the POV of Helen always seems to be “wondering”. Once again, we have our lead female running away from an abusive relationship. This is the second story I’ve read that had that kind of backstory for the lead female but does not give enough information to make that factoid relevant.

And then a surprise factoid is given that is not substantiated in the story. Aside from the taste/smell of her blood, there are no other manifestations so … what is that?

While this book is better than the last one, it still needs a lot more work before it should be published.

Alpha Wolf’s Fated Mate by Anika Skye is on Amazon and can be purchased in Kindle format for 0.99 or you can read it with a KU account. I would recommend the latter if you are just curious about this.

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