The Cheetos Quesadilla: Exclusively for the Philippines

Cheetos Cheddar JalapeñoCheetos is a favorite snack for many people, my sister and her kids among others.  Whenever I buy a bag of Cheetos I often get the Cheddar Jalapeño flavor ’cause I like that little bit of bite.

Taco Bell has been experimenting with mixing snacks into their menu for quite some time.  Remember what they did with Doritos just a while back?  For this “experiment” their think tank must’ve said … “what would happen if we combine a cheesy quesadilla with Cheetos?”

Cheetos + Quesadilla = Cheetos Quesadilla

For the first time in Taco Bell’s history, two of your much-loved favorites come together to make an irresistibly good and even cheesier pair!

Always with a flair for giving new and exciting treats to its customers, Taco Bell launched its latest offering Cheetos Quesadilla’ in an exclusive media event on November 23 at Taco Bell’s flagship branch in Gateway Mall at the Araneta Center in Quezon City. Bloggers and members of the press satisfied their hankering for cheese as they tried out this unique and exciting product exclusively available at #TacoBellPHL.

The Cheetos Quesadilla Combo

The Cheetos Quesadilla Combo

Cheetos Quesadilla standeeThe new Cheetos Quesadilla, priced at P129 and P169 when ordered combo, is a combination of grilled soft tortilla filled with Taco Bell’s signature three-cheese blend and your favorite crunchy puffed cornmeal snack, Cheetos Crunchy Jalapeño. The launch of Cheetos Quesadilla is just the beginning of a slew of exciting promos that await Pinoy foodies this Christmas. Cheetos’ official mascot Chester Cheetah also made an appearance at the launch.

Speaking of promos, #CatchChesterCheetah as he visits Taco Bell stores this holiday season, snap a photo with him, and post it on lnstagram using the official hashtag #TacoBellPHL and #CatchChesterCheetah and you might just win an lnstax Mini.  SMILE! 😀

Check out Taco Bell Philippines’ lnstagram @TacoBellPHL for more information.


Did you know that …

Cheetos are scientifically designed to be addictive.

cheetosCheetos’ airy texture melts in such a way that it actually fools the synapses in the brain so that you don’t realize calories are being consumed!

Weight watchers beware!  If you aren’t careful the pounds/kilos are going to start piling up and before you know it you will look like Cheetos. 😛 Everything in moderation, folks!

Taco Bell’s Cheetos Quesadilla is made with the addictive Cheetos Crunchy Jalapeño

Cheetos Cheddar JalapeñoMade with Taco Bell’s signature 3 cheese blend with a spicy kick of Cheetos Crunchy Jalapeño wrapped in a warm tortilla makes this an addictive treat. You can’t help but keep asking for more – trust us!

Cheetos Quesadilla is only available in Philippines!

Yes you heard it right. No other Taco Bell in the world has offered a Cheetos Quesadilla, only in the Philippines.

Taco Bell and Cheetos has always been good friends

Earlier this year, Taco Bell Canada released their own version of a Cheetos Crunchwrap.

cheetos crunchwrap

The Cheetos Crunchwrap … available only in Canada

Satisfy your stubborn cheese craving and sink your teeth into Taco Bell’s all-new flavor with a crunchy kick, ‘Cheetos Quesadilla.’ For more updates, visit Taco Bell’s official website at or follow on Facebook and lnstagram.

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