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A Yuletide feast fit for a king at Guevarra’s

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Guevarra's buffet

Guevarra's signage‘Tis the season to be eating and Guevarra’s serves up a Yuletide feast fit for a king starting today!  You read it right, TODAY, October 15!

A feast fit for a king! #guevarrasyuletidemenu thank you @chefjaclaudico and @cheflau

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Christmas comes early at Guevarra’s.  For those who have sampled Chef Lau’s popular buffet you already know that a regular 3-hour reservation for lunch, merienda, or dinner is not enough to taste all 80 dishes they regularly serve.  For the Yuletide season, they’ve added 11 new dishes.

This means we can enjoy 99.  OMG, NINETY-NINE DISHES!  How can we taste/eat them all?

When bloggers were asked what their favorite dish was most mentioned the Angus beef.  Having tried it myself, I would have to agree but, personally, I found it difficult to single out one dish specifically. 😀

Appetizer, salad, rice, fish, fowl, red meat, vegetable, dessert, beverages — so much to choose from, how can I pick just one, right?  My answer, don’t limit yourself.  With so much to choose from (and all of them delicious) each one deserves a trip on your tongue and down to your belly. 😀

The Yuletide offerings at Guevarra’s

Chef Lau and Chef Jac sat down one day and thought about what dishes are traditionally served at Filipino get togethers like Christmas gatherings and reunions.  In a previous post I featured the eleven Yuletide dishes they added to the menu.

For Starters

Guevarra's Christmas Chicken Liver ParfaitGuevarra’s Christmas Chicken Liver Parfait

I’m not a big fan of liver but I did try this pate and it was good.  Smooth and creamy.  The name, though, was a tad confusing.  It’s a pate but it’s called a parfait?  Like the ice cream?

Guevarra's Christmas Macaroni SaladGuevarra’s Christmas Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salad is so simple to make that we usually ask the kids to make it. 🙂 All we need are cooked macaroni, cream or mayonnaise, cheese, raisins, and gelatin.  The kids like to cut the gelatin into different shapes but cubes will suffice. The red and green gelatin cubes makes this favorite holiday salad colorfully beautiful.

The Main Course

Guevarra’s Christmas Embotido Lasagna Roll

Two dishes in one!  Lasagna noodles are just perfect for this dish as it acts as both the wrapper and the pasta dish. 😀 During the blogger event Chef Lau shows us how they made this dish.  Lucky us!  Watch the video as he demonstrates how to make it step by step.
Guevarra's Christmas embotido roll
And for those of us who like to cook this means I could try to make this myself for noche buena.  Actually, I definitely will make this for noche buena. 🙂 I hope I can do it justice.

Guevarra's Christmas Beef MorconGuevarra’s Christmas Beef Morcon

Beef morcon is also a staple fiesta dish at home.  Our Yuletide festivities is just not complete if there is no beef morcon on the table.

I’m glad they made it because this dish takes too long to cook and oftentimes I’m too tired after to even appreciate the dish. Since they serve it at Guevarra’s I now have another reason to bring my family here for a meal. 🙂

Guevarra's Christmas Fish MayonesaGuevarra’s Christmas Fish Mayonesa

I remember my mom making this when we were kids … but she called it fish en blanco.  Not to diss my mom but I prefer this version because Guevarra’s uses fish fillet.  No fishbones to deal with.  Yey!  It gave me an idea, though, on how to serve fish en blanco next time. 🙂

Guevarra's Christmas PaellaGuevarra’s Christmas Paella

It almost isn’t a good idea to eat paella at a buffet.  Why? because paella is a mix of rice and viand all cooked at the same time — meaning, it is already a buffet in itself!

Having said that, you should still try it anyway.  It is really, really good!  I placed a spoonful or two on my plate just to taste it and ended up finishing it before the white rice. 😀


 Guevarra’s Christmas Roasted Stuffed Turkey

Some people say that turkey is just a big chicken but one taste will prove otherwise. Paired with gravy or cranberry sauce, my favorite part is the thigh.  Cooked improperly turkey could become dry and tasteless.  But never at Guevarra’s.  This stuffed turkey is just delicious!

My personal favorite when it comes to sauces is the cranberry sauce.  Somehow gravy just seems so ordinary but the cranberry sauce screams Christmas. 😀

Happy Endings and Great Coffee Pairings

Guevarra's Christmas PuddingGuevarra’s Christmas Pudding

Pudding is HEAVY.  I mean physically heavy, not just heavy in the stomach.  It is a very English treat.  If I am not mistaken this baked goodie is infused with rum and smothered in honey. Perfect to pair with black coffee.  Also great to have as a late night snack.

Guevarra's Christmas Suman FruitcakeChristmas Suman Fruitcake

Suman is a traditional Filipino rice cake usually wrapped in a leaf and then steamed until cooked.  We then eat it by dunking it in sugar.  I personally like it paired with mango and topped with tablea chocolate.

Guevarra’s combined the traditional suman with the a fruitcake by topping the suman with candied fruits.  The end product is a sweet confection.  Diabetics beware!  As with the pudding this goes well with coffee.

Guevarra's BibingkaGuevarra’s Bibingka

Bibingka is served in so many ways now — topped with cheese, egg, cheese and egg, filled with chocolate or any syrup.  Seriously, the skies the limit!  I personally like eating bibingka while drinking hot chocolate or coffee.

Guevarra's Puto BumbongGuevarra’s Puto Bumbong

Simbang Gabi is not complete without buying puto bumbong after hearing mass.  But at Guevarra’s we don’t have to wait until December.  We can have it now!  Puto bumbong is served in single serve (big bite size) soup spoons.

Not only is it delicious, it is also very beautifully presented it is almost a sin to eat!

Should you go to Guevarra’s and sample their buffet?

Facade of Chef Laudico Guevarra'sIf I haven’t convinced you yet, I don’t know what will. Lol!  But maybe you have a few more questions.  Let me see if I can come up with some of the answers a they were given to us during the Q&A.

Are there desserts made that are safe for diabetics?

Chef Jac says they don’t have any at the moment but they’ve been discussing it and they intend to bring out dishes safe for diabetics soon.  Those dishes will, of course, be specially labelled so that customers who suffer from it know that they could safely consume it.

Is it necessary to call ahead for reservations?

Yes, absolutely! Reservations are necessary.  Guevarra’s does not like turning people away and the only way to ensure that is if reservations are made ahead of time.

Do they accept walk-ins?

Like I mentioned, they don’t like turning people away.  However, in the event that a party with no reservation arrives, they will be informed that they will have to wait in case someone who made a reservation (for the same number of people) fails to arrive within 30 minutes of their booking, then the walk-in party will be accommodated.

What meals do they serve?

No ala carte.  It’s all buffet, buffet, buffet — lunch, “maagang salu-salo”, and dinner.

Guevarra's buffet

Meals are prepared by world famous Chef Lau, it must be expensive.

Au contraire, mon ami!  It is anything but!  Check out this price list:

 MON  P399+12%VAT P499+12% VAT P499+12% VAT
TUE   P399+12%VAT P499+12% VAT  P499+12% VAT
WED   P399+12%VAT P499+12% VAT P499+12% VAT
THU   P399+12%VAT P499+12% VAT P499+12% VAT
FRI   P399+12%VAT P549+12% VAT  P599+12% VAT
 SAT  P599+12% VAT P549+12% VAT  P599+12% VAT
 SUN  P599+12% VAT P549+12% VAT  P599+12% VAT
 HOL   P599+12% VAT P549+12% VAT   P599+12% VAT

What time should we be there?

Meals are served at the timeframes below.  Make sure to come early.

  • Lunch is from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Maagang Salu-Salo 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Dinner is from 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM.

Can we make reservations for private functions like company parties?

office party
Since they encourage reservations it is safe to say that customers will not be surprised to arrive to find the venue closed for private functions.  Guevarra’s will just inform us whether or not the day and time we stated is available or not.

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For Inquiries and reservations you may contact: 705 1811; 705 1874; 0917 311 2222. Follow them on Facebook: Guevarra’s ; Instagram: @Guevarras_ ; Twitter: @Guevarras_ .

See you at Guevarra’s!

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