4 July 2022


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Four tips to keep safe during disasters

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To ensure safety Solane Dapat Lang has come up with some safety tips that can help during disasters.
disaster preparedness

Natural disasters can neither be controlled nor predicted. But while they can leave catastrophic damages, everyone can take precautionary steps to mitigate its adverse effects. Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions provider, reiterates its Dapat Lang advocacy campaign – emphasizing the importance of doing the right thing for the family, for others, and society as a whole – through these tips to ensure everyone’s safety during natural disasters:

Prepare an emergency kit

emergency disaster kitAn important step in preparing for unforeseen events is having an emergency kit ready for you and your family.

Basic supplies kit should include:

  • a gallon of water per person per day for the next three days,
  • three-day supply of food,
  • flashlight,
  • extra batteries,
  • first aid kit,
  • a seven-day supply of medicines,
  • multi-purpose tools,
  • cell phone with chargers,
  • family and emergency contact information,
  • copies of personal documents,
  • extra cash,
  • blankets, and
  • maps of the area.

Safety during fire

fire safetySome of the common causes of fire, especially during natural disasters like earthquake, are faulty electrical and gas lines.

If you are caught in an establishment engulfed by fire, immediately vacate the area and ask for help.

Do not hide in closets and small spaces, and remember to stay low and crawl as it is easier to breathe in a fire if you stay low.

Plan your escape routes and safe places

house floorplanIt’s important to have a sketch of your house so you know how to immediately get out when disaster strikes. Establish and record the location of your meeting area, and be sure to practice this with your family members.

Be informed

Know the hazards within your community, and ask the local authorities about the emergency plans and warning signals. Being informed will help you gather a detailed plan for your own household.

With proper preparation, you are not only alleviating fear, anxiety, and loss but you are also reducing the impact of catastrophic disasters.

solane dapat langTo know more about Solane, visit their new website, www.solane.com.ph, and Facebook page, www.facebook.com/solane.ph.

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