6 July 2022


Living loving learning

Through thick and thin, friends for life

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6 years ago from today my geek friends got together to raise money to help me and fellow geek, Dexter, with defraying our medical bills for our respective operations.

There are no words to express just how much I love these beautiful, wonderful creatures for their love and caring and friendship.

Over the years our interaction has decreased mostly because I have not been as active in geek circles as I used to be.

I have not been present at nexcon, toycon, etc.

I have not participated in our chosen advocacies such as the annual visit to the PGH pediatric cancer ward and gawad kalinga.

I haven’t met up with them as often for the occasional movie premiere or coffee date.

Perhaps because I haven’t been available I have not been invited to their birthday celebrations, their weddings, their kids’ baptism, etc. On this last one I blame myself completely, not my geek friends. Perhaps if I had kept in touch and made myself available I would have been part of the special moments in their lives.

Despite that these beautiful, wonderful, caring, giving, loving, passionate people are a big reason why I am still walking now – why I have joie de vive.

I am blessed to have had these people in my life. And for as long as I live I will cherish them and treasure them – for such love and generosity is so rare today that to witness and be a part of it (or a recipient of it!) is as common as seeing a complete rainbow in the sky.

To my geek friends from the New Worlds Alliance you have my heartfelt thanks and everlasting love. ❤❤❤

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