Zsazsa Zaturnnah AGAIN … hehehe 3

To fully appreciate something I’ve found that I need to experience it at least twice. The first time I watched Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah was on February 26. I was lucky enough score tickets to another viewing last night (March 4, 2006). The first time I watched it I just enjoyed it. The second time I watch is to get the detail, and thus … enjoy it even more. Tonight the actors flubbed quite a few lines but they were forgivable. I don’t think most of the audience noticed it at all. I know that I only noticed ’cause i’d already seen it before.

But enough about that … chikka muna. People who know me well know that I am a go-getter. This means that when I want something bad enough I do everything in my power to get it (short of intentionally hurting someone). Today I was determined to get autographs signed and pictures taken and a chance to sit and talk to the actors. Guess whose signatures Kasuy & I were able to get?

We were also able to get Carl Vergara‘s and Vince de Jesus’ autographs on our books, programmes, and my OST cd.

We were also able to take some pics backstage at the Artist’s Entrance with Arnold Reyes who played the role of the super-delish boy-next-door, Dodong.. These pics came out good ’cause we were able to choose the lighting. Some of the pics are blurry ’cause Kasuy’s hand was shaking a bit at the beginning … or … he moved his head.

This one is my favorite of the pics taken this night.  Partly because I like his smile here.  It seems to be the most natural and happy of all those taken.

I realized after I looked at the pics that Arnold really looks so much better “in the flesh” than he does in pics. Trust me when I say that he is Y-U-M-M-Y! And when he started to dance … sigh. He is so game na nakakaloka! When Kasuy got my phone to take my pic he just suddenly pulled me flush against him I just had to smile, so pardon it’s goofiness. In my fluster I forgot to remove my clip and shades from my head. The pics would have been sexier if I had my hair released.

Later after the show was the “meet and greet” with the cast and Kasuy and I took the opportunity to have MORE pics taken with Dodong and the principal cast.

To Madz, Miao, Dek, and Nudge: I made a promise to you … here it is…


More thoughts in my head but carefully choosing my words … maybe I will leave it for another day. Thank you so much to Jen and Zee for making this evening special to me and Kasuy. Thank you.

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