Working within my limits

I am a doer, I like to get things done.  But that does not mean I crave “the power”.  It just means that when assigned a task I can do, I make sure to do it well.  But then, that is my philosophy in life.  I believe in a job well done.  When assigned a task, a half-hearted effort is just not enough.  If I am to do it, I have to do my best at it.  This also means that, when I am assigned a certain role I make sure to know what my limitations are.  Oftentimes, though, it feels like I am the only one seeing those invisible lines in the sand.

Every responsibility I am given has limits, right?  I recognize those limits and work within them.  So why is it that I get tasked to do stuff out of my jurisdiction, too?
  • as a teacher, my job is to teach my subject to the students and follow the syllabus.  Question, what do you do when they change the syllabus and the new syllabus (and activities) do not make sense?  Would it be better to follow the old syllabus or just be a good soldier and follow the new syllabus?  After all, we’d like to think that whoever made the new syllabus put some thought into it, right?
  • as a student, my job is to listen to the teacher and submit all class requirements.  Can I do that?  I certainly hope so.  I’m not that good a student, though.  Just like in my youth, there are times that I wait until the last minute … like now. 
  • in school, as a class secretary my job is to keep track of attendance and grades.  I don’t MAKE the grades, I just record them, and yet, at the end of the day, I am still the one getting questioned about their grades.  Has that issue been resolved?  I certainly hope so.  And, hopefully, I will not be asked to do that again next sem, ’cause, apparently, my classmates do not believe in the math of MS Excel and how it rounds off.
  • as a secretary of the school society my job description is clear-cut — document and record.  This means I take notes in all meetings, gather all information that are required of members for inclusion in records, remind members of important events and activities, etc.  Like I said, it is clear-cut.  Nowhere in my job description does it say that I will be required to make decisions on anything that affects the society.  I take notes, I record, I document.
When I reviewed the tasks and responsibilities of all officers based on the constitution and by-laws, three positions do not have any decision-making responsibilities:
  • secretary
  • treasurer
  • auditor
When I saw this, I won’t lie, I gave a sigh of relief.  This meant that decision-making was not something I would have to worry about anymore.  Phew!  I could still help, but I did not have to make the decisions.  That was someone else’s job.
When I am asked my opinion on something, I like to stop and think and evaluate if my thoughts are worth sharing.  After all, I would not want to be accused of making decisions for other people or worse, taking over.  And, I kid you not, it has happened.  Not because the other people were no good, but that my personality too strong there is a tendency to take the reins.  Having been on this planet for 40 years and having worked so many different kinds of jobs has trained me well and has taught me to give other people the opportunity to shine, too.
I am no longer CEO of a company.  That’s in the past.
I am no longer COO of a company.  That’s in the past.
I am no longer AGM of a company.  That’s in the past.
I am no longer Sales & Mktg. Manager of a company.  That’s in the past
I am no longer a Stage Manager.  That’s in the past.
I am no longer a trainor.  That’s in the past.
What I am is:
  • a part-time teacher
  • a part-time TK instructor
  • a part-time instructional designer
  • a part-time student
  • a full time daughter
  • a full time mom
I like to get things done.  And it bothers me when they don’t.  I will do MY JOB as well as I possibly can.  I will respect other people’s management styles and keep my trap shut as much as possible, and give others the chance to do their jobs, too, without intervention.
This is what happens you get burned out. You find solace in blogging.