Why I blog

People write blogs for different reasons and I am no different.

  • I write blogs to reviews, whether they are movie reviews, book reviews, gadget reviews, food reviews, etc.
  • I write blogs to share information about stuff I find interesting.
  • I write blogs to share my experiences of different events like vacations, trips, concerts, and the like.
But, primarily, I like to blog just so I could put down in words how I feel.  They aren’t always for public viewing but just the act of putting it all down in print makes me feel better.  Call it an online diary or journal, if you will. The hits don’t really matter to me.  If someone reads my blog and enjoys it or can sympathize with it or learns something from it, etc., I feel gratified.  But if no one reads what I wrote it does not affect me much.
A good friend once introduced me to the book Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson and since then I have embraced that phrase as my personal philosophy.  Of course this does not mean that I don’t sometimes stress over the littlest things, but I try not to let them get me down by refocusing on what is more important right now.
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