What happens when Toblerone and a Dairy Queen Blizzard collide?

What happens when Toblerone and a Dairy Queen Blizzard collide? A Toblerone Blizzard is born!

Dairy Queen's Toblerone Blizzard#DairyQueenPH rings in the new year with yet again another exciting flavor to spice up its mouthwatering Blizzard collection.  On January 20, Dairy Queen held a blogger event at the Taco Bell Cyberpark Tower in the Araneta Center, Quezon City to roll out its much-awaited #BlizzardoftheMonthPH – the all-new Toblerone Blizzard.

Another first for Dairy Queen Philippines, #TobleroneBlizzard is a delectable treat of your favorite soft serve ice cream and the well-loved Toblerone, the Swiss brand of triangular chocolate goodness! The Toblerone Blizzard, however, is only available for a limited time, so what are you waiting for?

Three Toblerone Blizzard flavors

The successful and fun blogger event got everyone hooked on this latest addition to Dairy Queen’s bevy of Blizzard flavors! Everyone got to try the first-ever Toblerone Blizzard, which comes in three insanely good flavors:

Strawberry toblerone blizzard, chocolate chip toblerone blizzard, and double fudge toblerone blizzard

Strawberry toblerone blizzard, chocolate chip toblerone blizzard, and double fudge toblerone blizzard

Strawberry Toblerone Blizzard

strawberry toblerone blizzardThe Strawberry Toblerone Blizzard is made with Dairy Queen’s signature soft serve and chunky Toblerone bits, made sweeter by a delicious swirl of strawberry syrup on top.

My niece love this!  But then, she really is a strawberry kinda gal. 🙂

Chocolate Chip Toblerone Blizzard

chocolate chip toblerone blizzardWho can resist the classic Chocolate Chip Toblerone Blizzard that combines Toblerone and your favorite soft serve, with an extra coating of chocolate syrup as bonus?

What I like about this is the texture.  Over the other two this one is more grainy and feels like it even has cookie bits in it (it could just be me) so every mouthful is fun.

double fudge toblerone blizzardDouble Fudge Toblerone Blizzard

And last but not least, Double Fudge Toblerone Blizzard is for those who delight in all things chocolate, with its double cocoa fudge mixed into the delicious Dairy Queen soft serve with bits of Toblerone.

I usually get a mudpie when I go to Dairy Queen so the double fudge Toblerone Blizzard was an instant win for me. 😀

A Beauty Queen joins the party

Bb. PIlipinas Grand International 2016, Ms. Nicole Cordoves graced the event and told us how much she loved eating Dairy Queen and how she does not diet at all.  So unfair!

Dairy Queen Blizzard heart-shaped Valentine ice cream cake

Dairy Queen's heart-shaped Valentine ice cream cakeDairy Queen’s Valentine offering is this heart-shaped Valentine’s cake.  It is made with soft-serve vanilla ice cream but what makes it different from other ice cream cakes is this … it is a TOBLERONE BLIZZARD ice cream cake!  Chopped toblerone bits can be found in every mouthful of this delectable treat.

Valentine Offerings

Dairy Queen Toblerone Blizzard ice cream cake

DQ Toblerone Blizzard cake

Instead of flowers ask for a #tobleroneblizzard ice cream cake at #dairyqueenph

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The Toblerone Blizzard ice cream cake came as a suprise to me.  Double Fudge soft serve ice cream + shaved Toblerone swiss chocolate + Toblerone squares … CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD!

But what made this cake extra special for me was that it was, in effect, a deconstructed Toblerone Blizzard.  We all know how the Blizzard is made.  Take soft serve ice cream, top it with ingredients, then they give it a spin in their mixer and voila!  You have a Blizard.

The Toblerone Blizzard cake’s ice cream part has minimal fillings and then loads of toppings.  Since we (I, at least) scoop from top to bottom, it meant that I was getting an equal amount of topping, filling, and ice cream in one bite.  Delish!  It also meant that I could choose to have more Toblerone at any part of my “meal”. 😀  As you might have guessed, I ate the triangles first. 😀

Valentine Dilly Bar

valentine-dilly-barNot to be left behind is the Valentine Dilly Bar … vanilla ice cream coated in a chocolate shell.  For Valentine it comes in three colors – pink, green, and orange.

The Dairy Queen Dilly Bar is a perfect ending for that romantic date for two.  It does not have Toblerone in it but what better way to say “I love you” than with a heart shaped (affordable) treat?

Visit the nearest Dairy Queen branch to you and try out the new Tobleron Blizzard — available up to March 22, 2017 only.

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