Wanted: overseas job for my skillset

Every day is one day closer to May 7 and every day I find it harder and harder to breathe.  I keep waiting for my client to give the go signal for the site revamp just so I can breathe a little easier knowing that my daughter’s tuition will be partially covered and the amount I have to raise will be less.  Unfortunately, a month ha passed and I have not heard from them yet.


I’ve always wanted to work overseas.  But now, I feel it has gone beyond want to NEED.  I NEED to earn the euros or the dollars.  I need viable options ASAP.  A friend of mine who currently works on a cruise ship has suggested that I work on one, too, and it seems to be a very viable option.

I haven’t worked for someone else in so long, and I’m no spring chicken so I think I need a leg up.

Friends, HELP!  I’m a panicking mother!
I’m hoping that I could get an overseas job by June this year.  I NEED to make earn much more and soon.

Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, U.S. Europe, Canada, on the ocean, anywhere … I have to work, I NEED to work.  Right now I am seriously looking at options to work as Cruise Staff.  I wonder if I am eligible for that?