“Wala akong pakialam.”

I went to school yesterday to enroll for the summer.  While I was there I bumped into one of the officers of the Society and since I am still a fairly new student I asked him about the enrollment procedures for the summer.  His answer to me was “wala akong pakialam” (translation:  “I don’t care.)

I won’t deny it, not only was I shocked at his answer I was, quite frankly, disappointed at him.
I get it.  He had no plans of enrolling for the summer.  I wasn’t even asking him if he was. My question was quite simple.  How do we enroll?  It was a legitimate question of a newbie to a veteran, right?  I didn’t need nor deserve any lip for that.
Plus, he is an OFFICER.  It is part of his responsibilities to guide and assist members of the society when he is able to.  And giving instructions on enrollment procedures certainly falls into that category.  
If he didn’t know the answer then all he had to say was that he didn’t know, right?  That would have been acceptable.  But to tell me that he didn’t care?  If you were in my shoes how would you have reacted to that?
When he told me that, this is what I said, “I’m not asking you if you are enrolling this summer.  I am asking if you know HOW we are taking summer classes are supposed to do it.”  At which he answered, “Wala akong pakialam.  Ewan ko.”
I will be charitable and think he was just having a bad day.  But, nonetheless, tthat is no reason to be rude to people.  Our brains still control our bodies.  How we act when we are in an emotional state can still be controlled by our will if we just exert some effort into it.  All it would have taken was a breath, a mind shift, and a pleasant answer.  If he had simply said “ewan ko” I would have accepted that.  After all, I can’t blame the guy for being ignorant of the procedures, right?  That’s where I was coming from.  But to tell me he didn’t care?
Dude, if you don’t care, then what the hell are you doing here?!?  If you are not fit for company, then better to just stay home.