Twilight frenzy

Over the last few days I have posted reviews of Twilight and New Moon, I have uploaded the official trailer, and yesterday, to kill time, I made a theme which has gone through many revisions.  As before, it was the photo that moved me, the one taken by Joey Lawrence for the poster. 

Erika mentioned last night when she got home that there were specific fonts used in the book so last night (or should I say, this morning!), before sleeping I tried to integrate a few of them into my theme.  Somehow, the site is not as elegant with the new fonts but it’s ok.  I installed Edward’s handwriting but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to want to apply.

So for my site, the fonts you will see (if you have them installed) are the twilight font (Zephyr) and Jacob’s handwriting (Almagro).  You can get the fonts for Jacob’s handwriting, Edward’s, and Bella’s, and the twilight font from here.

I chose Jacob’s font over Bella’s because it is more legible.  I would have used Edward’s but, like I said, it didn’t want to apply.  Stubborn, just like him.   Also, I don’t think Edward’s fancy script would have looked nice in small fonts.  If I can get it to apply I may just use it on the header and section titles instead.  Still Considering it.

By the way, attached is another video clip from the movie.  This is the scene at the ballet studio.

If you want to see what my site looks like with the Twilight fonts you will need to install the fonts I mentioned above.  Otherwise, everything will appear in Arial (which isn’t a bad thing either. )