Tony Galvez

TONY GALVEZ is a name that inspires awe in many would be hair stylists.  He was honored as one of the pillars of Philippines’ salon icons, along with James Cooper and Jesi Mendez, by Hair Asia during the 25th National Open Championship for Hairstyling and Makeup.  He is the hair stylist to the stars and to politicians and their spouses and children.

In the beginning …

If you’ve ever been to the Tony Galvez salon at #124 9th Avenue (almost at the corner of P. Tuazon Avenue near SM Cubao) in Cubao, Quezon City you would immediately notice two things:

  1. the salon is out of sight
  2. the reception area is BIG!

The reception area is where customers awaiting their turn to be transformed from guy/girl to god/goddess and their companions sit and converse or read fashion magazines to while away the time.  Anyone with any business acumen would look at this area and see the business potential it had!  After all, you have a roomful of people doing nothing but wait.  Is there anything else they could do in the meantime that is more productive than just sitting around?

Initial ideas that Mr. Tony Galvez had included an internet cafe.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen.  Instead we have this beautiful concept.  From a room with couches, low tables and magazines to a cozy cafe with good food, excellent coffee and tea.  See the pictures below for a quick tour of the TG Beauty Cafe.

I did not take any pictures of the left side of the dining area because there were people there.  But you could sort of see them in the mirror anyway. 😀

The idea for the cafe actually started a while back with his pamangkin who was chef.  They started a restaurant (at another location) briefly just to test the waters and found a favorable response.  Today that restaurant no longer exists and instead Mr. Tony opened TG Beauty Cafe at the foyer of his salon.

In July 2015 the TG Beauty Cafe was born.

If there is one thing we filipinos LOVE to do it is EAT.  We even make up occasions to go out and eat.  It’s our monthsary! Let’s eat.  It’s my dog’s birthday!  Let’s eat.  You have a beautiful new haircut!  Let’s eat. 😀

Now people can enjoy great food and great coffee and tea while waiting for their mom, sister, dad, brother, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, etc. who is having their hair and/or nails done in the salon at the back.  When I say great, I mean it, no exaggeration.

iced mocha and grilled ensaymada

iced mocha and grilled ensaymada

I <3 the iced mocha and grilled ensaymada!  Imagine an ensaymada from Mary Grace or even one from Starbucks.  Now double that in size and weight … then grill it.  THAT’s what you get at TG Beauty Cafe!  A cheesy pastry that is thick and delicious.  Pair it with an iced (or hot) mocha or hot chocolate … perfect!  The ensaymada can be very easily viewed in the glass case at the counter right there on the top shelf.

glass pastry shelf

the glass case

A glance at the menu mounted above the counter displays a list of items:

  • freshly brewed tea
  • tea latte – flavoured brewed tea with fresh milk
  • milk latte – brewed tea with non dairy cream sinkers served cold
  • hot brewed coffee
  • signature coffee based hot beverages
  • cream based blended beverages
  • frappease – coffee based blended beverages
iced mocha

iced mocha

Note that their are no cold coffees (over ice) except for the frappease.  However, when I asked the baristas if I could have my cafe mocha over ice they were happy to accommodate my request.  Yey!

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the iced mocha was.  Some places where I’ve tried iced mocha would usually serve a drink that is very sweet and very milky.  TG Beauty Cafe’s iced mocha was excellent.  At my first sip I clearly tasted the chocolate and the coffee.  The level of sweetness was low and the taste of coffee was dominant, just the way I liked it.

Truth to tell I wasn’t actually supposed to order anything yet because I was still waiting for a co-blogger friend (Vance) to arrive.  But I got hungry (sorry :D), so I thought I could possibly start with something light.

Check out that table napkin, too.  Isn’t it pretty? 😀

An hour later Vance arrives (all apologies :D) and we chat while waiting for our companions to arrive.  I turn to look at the counter to see what I could order that would look good in a photo.  A quick look at the menu reveals a limited list of pasta and sandwiches.  I decided to order the chicken wrap, mostly because it looks different from the other sandwiches based on the pictures.

chicken wrap

The chicken wrap with a side order of cassava chips.

The chicken wrap is made of sliced chicken fillet with ripe mango and cucumber slices and a special sauce wrapped in a soft tortilla bread with cassava chips on the side.  It, too, was delicious!  Vance particularly liked the cassava chips.

It was while we were eating the chicken wrap that Tony Galvez arrived and we were able to enjoy a leisurely chat.  It was in this conversation that we learned about how TG Beauty Cafe was conceptualized, what his direction is with the cafe, and more details that would be of interest to visitors, such as:

  • the cafe is open from 9am to 10pm from Mondays to Saturdays, and from 9am to 6pm on Sundays
  • they serve rice meals (that are not yet on the menu), cakes, pastries, sandwiches, pasta, coffee, and tea.
  • they are still setting up the credit card facility so, at the moment, they can only entertain cash transactions
  • the cafe is available for reservation
  • in the future they intend to be able to deliver food
  • yes, they have free wifi!  Ask the barista for the password.
  • restrooms are clean and spacious
  • no outdoor seating
  • non-smoking cafe
  • no ramp available for wheelchairs
  • parking is available in front of the building but there are few slots available.  If and when it is full customers could park at SM or Ali Mall parking which are not too far away.

Speaking of rice meals, Mr. Tony sent over a sample for our enjoyment.  Each of us (plus our two other companions, Edel and one other person whose name I could not recall, sorry!) were given a plate of tapsilog.

Serving size was generous and the beef was very flavourful.  Usually when I order beef tapa I ask for (or expect) some vinegar on the side.  Their tapa does not need any.

To finish off the gastronomical journey we were served some mini-cakes that are so good they just melt in your mouth!

Both the Mango Crazzze and the Francizze Rocca came highly recommended by Vance.  She said that both items were best sellers.  Having tasted them I can understand why … they were absolutely delicious!  Moist and flavourful to the last bite.  But since I am a certified chocoholic 😀 I confess to enjoying the Francizze Rocca more.

Sinful delights, yum! @tgbeautycafe #tgbeautycafe #guiltypleasure #sinful #chocoholic

A photo posted by Penny Tan (@slvrdlphn) on Jul 25, 2015 at 1:21am PDT

Think of Almond Roca (the candy), now turn it into a cake but make it moist.  THAT’S what you get when you order the Francizze Rocca. Soft sponge cake and a mousse covered in dark chocolate and rimmed with sliced almonds.  Yum!

So if you ever find yourself in Cubao make your way to TG Beauty Cafe.

TG Beauty Cafe
Ground Floor, Tony Galvez Centrum
#124 9th Avenue corner P. Tuazon
Cubao, Quezon City
Telephone Number (02) 911-6991
Email address:

Cafe hours:
9:00am to 10:00pm from Mondays to Saturday
9:00am to 6:00pm on Sundays

Here is a map to help you find your way

Come visit Tony Galvez’ Beauty cafe.  You are guaranteed to feel good inside and out!  For the celebrity hounds, who know?  You may even meet a celebrity or two or three. 🙂
Tony Galvez makes you feel good inside and out

TONY GALVEZ is a name that inspires awe in many would be hair stylists.  He was honored as one of the pillars of Philippines’ salon icons…