Tita Tindeng is in heaven now

It’s been years since I spent any time with Tita Tindeng.  Ever since her Alzheimer’s progressed to the point where she wasn’t recognizing us anymore I found it difficult to be with her.  I felt sad because just months before she was very vital and alert.  Before she retired, she had reached her career peak as President of PICPA.

She was a very important person to the accounting community and to CEU (Centro Escolar University) where she was Dean of Commerce for many years.

She never married.  Instead she took care of her family.  She raised and put her siblings through school until all of them graduated from college.  Later she accepted their spouses as if they were her siblings, too.  Then she took care of her nephews and nieces and years later their spouses.  And she still had enough love for the “grandchildren”.

Cleotilde G. Protomartir was the matriarch of the clan.  Everyone respected her, feared her, and loved her.  And now she’s gone.

She was 89 years old when she passed away.  She was mere days shy of turning 90.

Tita Tindeng, we love you and we miss you, but we believe you are in a better place now.  Thank you for everything.