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Some years I do this, others I don’t. I like to list down all the THINGS I would love to have (in other words, OWN) before years end. (Translation: Christmas Wish List). Theyre not necessarily stuff other people give me, although, that would be nice. I don’t always get the things I want until years after even.

I’m leaving out intangibles like “true love” and “vacation in the U.S.” and “trip around the world”.
Having said that … here is my wish list, in alphabetical order. If you feel like getting me anything on the list for Christmas I will be very, very merry indeed, hehehe:

  1. a decent, slim, clam-type phone with more than basic features and at least 2MP camera
  2. Angel, the series – complete from beginning to end; DVD-9s are acceptable
  3. Canon digital SLR camera – you will be mine someday, I swear.
  4. Cash – cash is always good, hehehe.
  5. chocolate fountain
  6. closet organizer baskets
  7. CSI eyeglass frames – like the one the M.E. uses – the one with the magnet at the bridge of the nose. It is so cool, hehehe.
  8. digital (point and click) camera – 7 or better MP – it’s either this or the digital SLR, I guess, but I would go for both, hehehe.
  9. earring organizer (I saw the one I liked at Rustan’s but it is too expensive, in my opinion.)
  10. external HD (at least 120 Gb) with USB for me to store all the stuff I download so that I don’t have to delete anything until I have completed a series.
  11. footwear (shoes/sandals)
  12. hypoallergenic earrings – at the moment I am the proud owner of 3 pairs: the stars Kasuy gave me, the chandelier the cousins gave me, and the crystal flower I got a few months ago.
  13. hypoallergenic necklace
  14. jeans
  15. laptop (got it, yey! – still paying for it)
  16. Loreal True Blend liquid foundation – I got this for Erika a few months ago and it is fantastic!
  17. Magicsing microphone (got it, yey! – still paying for it)
  18. Magicsing secondary microphone
  19. Magicsing song chips
  20. Olay Total Effects
  21. pasta maker
  22. Queen-sized bed set (fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases) – please no pink or baby colors! I prefer, if possible, maroon, royal blue, or green.
  23. shorts, with pockets, preferably
  24. silicon muffin trays
  25. standing mixer – for my baking. I have a hand mixer but it hurts my shoulder when I have to mix for a long time.
  26. Starbucks planner – ’cause all my stickers are already allocated for Erika so I am not able to get any for myself, hehehe.
  27. Totebag laptop bag – I saw this at Powerbooks, nice.
  28. tops – T-shirt, collared shirt, sleeveless top – so long as it fits me well and is stylish, hehehe
  29. vanilla perfume oil from Body Shop
  30. wooden bookshelves (at least 3 layers) – They have these at Makro. Buy 1-take 1, woohoo!

Things I DO NOT want to receive this Christmas:

  1. eyeshadow – I have too many of these already. I even have a few that I haven’t gotten around to using yet.
  2. lipstick – same as with the eyeshadow.
  3. make up organizer

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  • waldo2


    It is good reading your journal. I am still waiting to get just one little word from you. it doesn’t matter what it is, but just a word that you knew I am around.

    I live in Katipunan, that isn’t far from QC, I would like to know you better. You can join me through ym at or by phone 09275418850.

    Waiting to get a word from you.

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