The only one you can truly rely on

Today proved to me something that I’d suspected for a long, long time.  When the chips are down, at the end of the day, the only people you can really rely on are yourself and your mother.  No one else will drop everything for you and to expect them to do so is not only unrealistic but is also selfish.

After all, everyone has their own lives to live.  Everyone has things they need to do, which does not include you.  And you should allow them to live those lives without disruption.  You could call your friend/s and insist … beg them to help you, play the invalid card, if you must, but that would be emotional blackmail and you know it’s not free.  A favor granted is a favor owed.
So … just be an amazon.
You are strong.  You are independent.  You can do this on your own.  Walking to the street corner to hail a cab will be a challenge but it is not insurmountable.  Use a cane, if you must.  It’s not that far … perhaps just 100 meters.  That is a short distance.  You used to sprint that in 11 seconds.
Weakness is not an option.
Failure is not an option.
You can do this.
You will get better before school starts on Monday.  You will be strong enough for the commute to school.  You will be strong enough for the 3 hour classes.  And if you aren’t, there’s always strong pain meds to see you through the day.
You can climb up and down the stairs slowly.
Your legs are going numb, but you expected that.
Your feet are cold but you were told to expect that.
Other people have had worse conditions than you and they are dealing with it fine.
Your weak back isn’t life threatening.  Forcing it to do things would be so take it easy.
Rest when you can.
Walk when you can.
Keep the blood flowing.
Keep moving.
Don’t cry, self-pity is pathetic.
You’re in pain, so what?  You’ve been through worse, right?
Watch a sad movie, that will give you other reasons to cry.
For now, lean back, relax, sleep.
Let time fly.  You have a few hours to rest.
After that, you can get up, and make your way, on your own, to the doctor.
Don’t worry, mom will do her best to be home in time to be with you.
But if she can’t, you always have the one person you can always rely on to look out for you …
Be strong.