The moon at my fingertips

Growing up I never liked mooncake.  Which is silly because I love hopia, especially the mung flavored one.  What’s funny is I hated it on sight, not taste, nor smell.  For some reason the size and the way it looked oily just … turned me off.
And then a week ago one of our students in TK brought over a tray of mooncakes from Holland, our favorite hopia store and it was as if an invisible person was telling me to just try it .. to take a bite and try it.  And before I could even stop myself, my left hand picked up the knife and cut off a small slice and my right hand was bringing the slice into my mouth … and my mouth opened up to take a bite!  It’s like I had no control over my body!
But what a bite it was!  It was a party in my mouth!  I could taste the mung and the lotus seeds (they were crunchy, btw, which I liked).  And, unlike other mooncakes I’ve seen, this one did not look oily.
And I found myself asking why I never tried it before.  Look what I’ve been missing all these years!  You know what I did after?  I took one of the untouched mooncakes off the tray and hid it for safekeeping.  I intended to eat it all by myself the next day.  
Turns out all I had to do was give it a chance.
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