Starting off the day bad

My morning class was screwed up earlier because of a cliche … “technical difficulties”.  Almost half the computers in DCL2 were down because of an electrical problem, not to the computers, but to the room.  Turns out there was a power outage the night and it somehow affected only the 3rd and 4th row of the room.

It was messed up because I had a quiz followed by a new lesson and the only way they could take the test was by taking turns.  And THEN, it turns out that the moodle site is buggy on IE so some of my students had to repeat their tests because IE kept freezing in the middle of the test.  Sigh.  This also happened in the evening class.

Afterwards, we couldn’t really have a good lesson because, a third of the class didn’t have any computers to use.

I feel bad for my students and I hope to make it up to them on Tuesday.  Maybe I can schedule something fun for then.