Smart no more

I finally did it … today.  I’ve finally terminated my Smart cell account.  For the last couple of years my plan was just too big and I was having so much difficulty keeping up with the payments that I decided that as soon as my contract ends I would either downgrade the plan or terminate it.

In the meantime, though, I have been maintaining my Sun account for about a year now and I find that it suits my current needs.  If I need more later, I can always upgrade, right?
The girl at the Smart wireless center was saying it was too bad I was terminating my account ’cause they were giving the Blackberry for free at my plan.  For a moment I was tempted … until I realized I would get tied yet again to another 2 years of phone bills I cannot afford and unable to use up.
In any case, for those who do not have my Sun number yet, I will PM it to you at your request.  I don’t want to just publish it here or every Jack and Jane will get it, too.