She said I am fat!

<img border=”0″ class=”alignright” align=”right hspace=” 5″=”” width=”200″ src=””>I know I gained some weight and last time I checked my BMI was still normal, but a nutritionist at Mercury Drug told me earlier than I am now FAT!  Sacre bleu!  Image on the right is not me, that’s Britney Spears.

I mean, ok.  I look at the mirror and I see the problem areas.  I even admit that I need to lose weight.  Ideally I would like to be 130 to 135 lbs.  But for a complete stranger to tell me I am fat … maybe I have to be more careful about what I eat now.  After all, I’m at that age where losing weight is very difficult to do.  Exercise alone doesn’t do it, that’s for sure.
I even know what the culprit is … Coca-Cola.  I remember a time when I was able to stay away from the soda easily.  But with this summer heat it just seems like coke is so much more refreshing!  So, as soon as I got home I pushed aside the soda drank water … and water … and water.
I don’t think I can lose 15 lbs that quickly, but I hope I do lose weight … and undesirable bulges.