Senseless argument

I just had one of the stupidest arguments I could think of, to date, with my mom.  I was looking for my card reader that had my SD card in it.

Mom:  What does it look like?
Me:  It’s small, about this high (holds fingers apart 2 inches) and pink.
Mom:  Pink
Me:  Yes, pink (yuck!).  Don’t blame me.  Jon gave it last Christmas.  I had no choice on the color.
Mom:  So parang diskette.
Me:  No, mom.  A diskette is shaped like this (figures a square) the card reader looks like this (draws a pen-like object).  It is nothing like a diskette.
Mom:  (Angry)  I said parang diskette!
Me:  And I said it is nothing like a diskette.  A diskette is square and 3.5 inches big.  What I am looking for is nothing like a diskette.
Mom:  PARANG nga eh. PARANG.  SHET!!!
Me:  If it were ANYTHING LIKE a diskette I would agree with you.  But the fact is, IT IS NOTHING LIKE A DISKETTE!

Moral of the story:  It is easier to just agree with your parents even though you know they are wrong because they will never admit to being wrong.  Just agree and if they look stupid later, it’s their problem ’cause they didn’t listen to you.

What’s stupid is, that she already KNEW she was wrong but was not willing to back down and concede it herself.  Was it that important to her?  Was it HER card reader that was missing?  SHEESH