Search for the missing mangoes

I decided to make mango vinaigrette today.  A couple of days ago I bought lettuce, carrots, and alfalfa sprouts and so I planned on having a salad for dinner tonight.

So, a few minutes ago I start assembling all my ingredients and discovered that I didn’t have any kalamansi.  Everything else was available, including the most important ingredient — the mangoes chilling in the ref.

And so  I step out to go to the corner store to buy the kalamansi.  I’m back in a few minutes and I get ready to start making the dressing.  I open the ref and … what the?!?  Where did the mangoes go?

I looked in the trash to see if there were mango peels, and there weren’t any.  No one here in the house has eaten mango today.  My mom confirms that she did put mangoes in the ref to chill so I knew it wasn’t my imagination.  Gigi and the kids just left but I saw that Jean-Luc brought home bananas, not mangoes.  Again, mom confirmed this because she said she was the one who prepared his things.  And so I ask again … where did the mangoes go?


There goes my plans of a salad with mango vinaigrette.

I can use any old dressing, I know, but I really had my heart set on the mango vinaigrette.  Sigh.  Kainis.