Remembering Ricky

Death and illness … two things that people have difficulty accepting and dealing with. I guess it is always harder for the people that are left behind.

I was shocked when I received the news yesterday afternoon that Ricky (3rd from the right) suffered a stroke and was rushed to Medical City’s ER. I couldn’t believe it. I had to read the message over and over until finally I had to admit to myself that it couldn’t be a hoax … not from Rej.

I made my way to Medical City last night with Jon of VA to visit him at the hospital. It was after visiting hours so all I was able to do was offer my support to Reitch, Ricky’s family, and pray with the other NWA people who were there to lend their support to his family.

This evening, in the middle of TK class, Rej texted me and told me that Ricky was transferred to a private room so that we could say our goodbyes. Even after reading that it still didn’t occur to me that Ricky had already left us. I guess I was in denial still. I was thinking, maybe he is in a coma and accepting visitors.

It’s a hoax, right? Ricky is going to be okay, right? He is just sleeping and in recovery, right?  … Enough denial. I have to accept … a good friend has passed away.

I can’t imagine a VA event without Ricky in it.  I can’t imagine a con without Ricky in it.  Whenever I watch Monty Python, Ricky is the first person that comes to mind.  Ricky was 43 (some say 45). He will be greatly missed. I will remember him with great fondness and will cherish all the times we spent together working on stuff for VA.

We love you, Ricky.