PS1 Application: Energizing a fruit 2

Energizing a fruit is an application of the Panca Sona 1. Yesterday, Meriaty of TKAyala brought her tomatoes for us to see. The one on the left is the tomato she energized, the one on the right is not.

She started the application on November 18, 2006. Because the 2 tomatoes shared the same container the tomato on the right somehow got energized a little bit also, which is why it isn’t rotten (and watery) all the way through as it should be but you can see the marked difference anyway between the energized and unenergized fruit.

Now that Meriaty is in PS2 her new goal is to energize a flower. In the meantime, we have asked her to continue with this experiment, just so we could see how long the tomato (on the left) will last.

Imagine the savings if you could do this to all your foodstuff! hehehe


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