Post-mortem of Alec

Last night was Alec’s birthday cum despedida party at his place in Cubao.  As my friends would know, I rarely if at all, attend social events.  Majority of the attendees were NWA peeps and I think it is safe to say that we had a blast!

For most, they enjoyed mixed drinks care of Mark and Jon.
Everyone took a taste of the spread Alec prepared.
There were quite a few cameras around, most visible was Nick‘s (stills and video) so I’m looking forward to his album posting.
And most everyone enjoyed the use of Ron‘s Magicsing, warbling along likes cats on a fence, hehehe.  People who had a turn on the mic (as far as I could recall) were:  Alec, Beej, Carl, Jon, Jovan, Karen, Lynn, Mark, me, Miao, Nick, Nina, Patton, Tobie, Zuri, and maybe a few more who I can’t recall or whose names escape me at the moment.