Plurk, plurk, plurk …

I admit it, I did succumb to my friends’ invitation to join Plurk and I have found myself compulsively connected for several days now.  I’m not going to lie, at first I was dubious about joining this, just as I was about facebook.  Personally, if I had to compare the two, I think Plurk is more fun, hands down.  But that’s just me, I like things simple and straight forward.  All the many apps of facebook is not fun for me at all.

When I first heard of Plurk all I could think of was dripping water, or rather the sound water makes when it drips and I couldn’t understand why my friends would invite me to a leaky place.   But since they are friends I trusted them not to lead me astray and so, as the adage goes, veni vidi, vici” … I came, I saw, I conquered.  And here is what my Plurk page looks like.
When asked to explain what Plurk is, I find myself at a loss for words.  It isn’t quite a chat or message forum but it is definitely a social page.  All I know is that, it is fun (if you have friends there) and compulsive.   What is fun for me is watching just how fast my karma will go up with me responding only to posts I like and customizing my site to my liking.

If you’re curious and possibly interested in joining the madness, check out my Plurk page HERE.  Oh!  Did you notice that I have a Plurk widget here on my right rail, too? hehehe.  And, yes, I adapted a Twilight theme there, too, and will most likely replace it at the same time as I change my theme here in Multiply.