Personalized theme 2

I don’t know if anyone noticed but … that is really me on the header.  I know, I know, it’s lame, right?  And it isn’t like other people could use it but me.  The place and weather was just ideal and so, on the spur of the moment, Tina and I decided to take the photo and I tried to make a theme around it.

It is very similar to another theme I created a while back — that was actually the inspiration for this one.  The one before was based on the skyline theme, while this one is based on black lily.

Creating themes is something I can only do when I am in the mood for it. The muse visits me infrequently, which is why there are big gaps between themes for me.  My next project will be … a theme for my sisters.  I’m just waiting for them to give me an idea what they want and what photo they want to use, if they have one already.

Oh!  I already made one for Tina before ’cause she already knew what she wanted.  Just waiting on Gigi‘s now.

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